"Overturn the concept"

  • Reve original Scissor case

  • A completely new and innovative scissor case

  • The concept of total fashion that fits your usual fashion

  • Popular items are available.

  • Abundant string color variations 22 colors

Forming a "dream"...

Reve means "dream" in French.
  This scissor case is the fulfillment of our “dream”.

Hairdresser x craftsman

It's not just a transparent scissor case.
 A gem made by knowing the characteristics of the product.

 Fabric strength, transparency, metal string, angle

 Supervised by a beautician, the craftsmen have made it easy to use and carefully designed the details.
 Please pick it up and feel the feeling.

 With a scissor case in the shape of our "dream"
 Please support your "dream".
 ‘Team Reve’

Reve Original scissor case
Reve Original scissor case (orders from overseas) *Please note that customs duties will be borne by the customer

Product content
 ・Reve original scissor case
 ・22 colors of string (Please choose one from 22 colors.) *Refer to the two images
 ・Reve drawstring bag
 *Please note that accessories other than the scissor case are not included.

 Product Summary
 This weight is 154g
 String weight 55g

 Height about 22 cm
 Maximum width of about 9.5 cm
 Bottom approximately 7 cm
 Thickness about 6 cm

・For hairdressers who work all day long
 Ultra-lightweight design with a body weight of 154g to prevent fatigue.
 ・Can be washed as it is

 ・Easy to use, even if you are particular about it, you can easily disassemble and assemble.

 -You can make your own scissor case with a wide variety of 22 colors.

 ・A wide design with an angle of 1 mm for easy insertion and removal of scissors

 ・Reve original scissor case that shows your individuality in what you put

  • Flow of purchase
  • 1. Give dm to Instagram of The Reve
  • 2. Please describe the color of the belt with dm and whether you put 5 or 4 scissor cases.
  • 3. Please write your name, delivery address, international phone number, and international zip code in dm. Please also give me your email address.
  • 4.After that, PayPal will send you an email requesting money.
  • 5. After confirming payment, we will contact you when we prepare for shipping and ship it.

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・Precautions before purchase (Please read after purchasing.)

 As this is a handmade product, we try to improve its quality, but the expression may be slightly different, such as scratches and scratches, so please understand it before purchasing.

 Please understand that the color may be slightly different from the image depending on how the picture is taken, the amount of light, and the environment of your PC.

 Please check the size, color and material of the product before purchasing.

 When storing the product, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for a long period of time or high temperature.
 It may lead to discoloration or deformation of the product.

 ・Return and exchange

 Please note that basically we do not accept returns.
 If the product is defective, we will replace it.

 In the unlikely event that the product is defective, please contact us from the inquiry below.

Shipping method Domestic (free shipping)
 • Sagawa Express
 *If the desired arrival date/time is specified, we will correspond as much as possible, so please enter it in the comment field.

 Overseas (free shipping)
 • DHL (Currently all DHL is used to avoid shipping delay due to COVID-19)
 • EMS
Payment method Credit card(via paypal)/Bank transfer
About returns and exchanges After reading the notes
 Please contact the above inquiries.

About shipping

We will ship within 3 days of receiving your order.

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